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Permium HD

The 25-year goal of Valerie S&M Group's trade policy is to satisfy consumer interests and expectations.
The current and long-term projects of the company are fully in line with the consumer demand, with the opinion of our partners and the goodwill we get from the end users.

As a result of all surveys, we have collected and processed information that has confirmed our concept of offering a new generation of high-quality machines and tools for professional use. High quality combined with affordable prices.

стелажни решения за мапини и инструемнти премиум ейч ди

The Premium HD brand includes the most widely used hand tools, electric, battery and gasoline models. The Premium HD range of hand tools has begun with a series of roller blinds, winches and keys - stargate, wrenches and pipes. Quite soon, the range will expand with scissors and pliers for fittings, screwdrivers, saws and vices. Premium HD machines are made of high quality materials. All machines are protected by a 3 year warranty. They are suitable for professional use.

Ръчни инструменти Premium hd, премиум ейч ди, с гаранция за качество и произход. Качествени ръчни инструменти на конкуретни цен

Quality and price are perfectly balanced, making machines accessible to home craftsmen.The first Premium HD test machines were launched at the end of 2016. User reviews for them are more than positive. Many manufacturing and facility companies have trusted our new product line and have been pleasantly surprised by the resilience and productivity of the new Premium HD machines.

Серия акумулаторни машини с една обща ли-йон батерия Premium HD с 3 години гаранция. Серията включва бормашина, прав трион, ъглошлайф с подарък диск и фенер с въртяща се глава

In early 2017, was the official premiere of Premium HD machines on the Bulgarian market. The start was impressive and the first machines became top sellers in the sector: Multifunction starter charger for Premium HD batteries.

стартерно зарядно за акумулатор Premium HD с накрайници за телефони, таблети, камери . Зарядно за gsm
A useful and desirable device for every driver, especially during the winter months. In addition to starter current, the charger can be used as an external battery. Allows simultaneous charging of 4 mobile devices - phones, tablets, cameras, devices, laptops and eBooks.

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